Meet Marc de Ley

Founding principal of Topirum Primary School

Brand new schools offer brand new possibilities. As founding principal of Topirum Primary School, set to open for Term 1 next year, Marc de Ley is both mindful of his responsibility to set the school up for long-term success and excited for the opportunities it will provide to local children in and around Mirvac’s Smiths Lane community.

We spoke to Marc to learn more.

 As foundation principal of this new primary school, what’s your vision for it?

It’s a great privilege to be a founding principal of a new school, and I’m very conscious of my obligations to provide quality government education to local children. I’m very passionate about a holistic educational approach, where all the fundamentals are covered, but there’s also an opportunity for children to identify their own passions and interests. That might be through sport or performing arts or science or digital communication.

What are your hopes and goals for the children under your care?

Our goal at Topirum Primary School is to help them develop themselves by developing their curiosity and social skills as well as their aptitude for learning. We want to give kids opportunities, to identify their passions, and to have experience of success. So, ultimately, when they go into secondary school, they've got a good sense of themselves. A sense of their interests, what they're good at, and where their passions may eventually lead.

We also want them to understand themselves as a member of their community. People can’t live in isolation. In the end, you're part of the local community—whether that's Smiths Lane, your family, the wider south east, or society more broadly. It’s important to me that they feel that sense of belonging and of being an active and responsible citizen.


What motivated you to become an educator?

I’ve always seen education as a ladder of opportunity, and a preparation ground for life. I was a speech pathologist before I became a teacher, so I’ve always been motivated to help people. When I decided to make a career change, becoming a teacher seemed a natural fit for me. Twenty-three years later, it’s been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. 


Was there a teacher that made an impact on your life? 

In Year 7, my English teacher, Mrs. Crease, made a big impact on my life. She really encouraged me with my writing, and helped instill confidence in me that this was something I was good at. And that still stays with me today, that level of belief that she had in me and my abilities. A caring teacher can have an enduring impact on your life, and that’s exactly what I hope our students will also experience at Alexander Boulevard Primary School (interim name).  


Click here to learn more about Marc de Lay and Topirum Primary School (interim name)


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