Smiths Lane is reimagining residential living in the South East

In our latest construction update, we are thrilled to share the progress that has been made in recent months and showcase new amenities that await our future residents.

Smith’s Lane has been growing at an impressive pace. Check out the video below to learn more from Smiths Lane Development members Ronan and Catherine.


Key construction milestones include:

Launch of Mirvac's first ever townhomes

We are excited to announce the release of our first collection of thoughtfully designed and Mirvac built townhomes. These homes embody the perfect blend of modern features, functionality, and sustainability, ensuring that residents will enjoy both style and comfort.

Opening of the Smiths Lane Hub

The heart of the community, the Smiths Lane Hub, has officially opened it's doors late last year. This vibrant space features our new sales office, Smiths Social café, and a community space. It serves as a central gathering point for residents to connect, relax, and foster a sense of belonging.

Construction Progress on the Future State Government School

Demonstrating our commitment to education, construction is well underway on the new government school at Smiths Lane. This facility will provide a modern and engaging learning environment for the community's youngest members, fostering their growth and development.

Fast Approaching Titles for the Future Childcare Site

We understand the importance of providing convenient childcare options for busy families. That's why we are pleased to share that the future childcare site at Smiths Lane is now underway, bringing peace of mind to parents and ensuring the well-being of their little ones.

Completion of Tilion Park

The picturesque Tilion Park has reached its completion, offering an range of recreational activities for residents of all ages. From a scooter loop to flying foxes, sand pits, swings and more.

Construction of the Future Display Village

The next Display Village at Smiths Lane is on the way. This curated showcase of cutting-edge home designs will inspire future residents and provide a glimpse into all possibilities for creating their dream home.